Breaking Gender

Breaking Gender is a queer-feminist art project.

Let‘s break down the cis-tem?

The project of Luka, Franka, Luisa and Dario will reimagine gender through performance, film and art.

How to shoot a film? At least on a technical side of things Luka and Dario figured out their approach in the past months. Now the shooting started. On the first already, the two of them realized: creating a documentary is a complete different world than being on fictional set! Certain moments can not be repeated and communication set has to be on point (who films? When to hit the record button?) In addition to that how do we make the protagonists feel at ease with the whole scene? Clearly a lot for the beginning. After every shoot there follows a feedback meeting on the shooting day, rewatching the material together, discussing and criticising ourselves. To not mix it up with personal friendship talk these meetings take place in a neutral coffeeshop-just film critics, nothing personal. Last point is especially not so easy if you being close friends to each other. So besides that a new sphere for them opened up: how to communicate within our group on a reflected, critical work level?

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