Festival Highlights & Catch Up

More Than Objects; Interactive Illustrations

With Miriam Sugranyes
Featuring everyday objects

What kinds of things do we look at everyday that we might start to see differently? We will reimagine these objects into illustrations that tell the narrative of children’s rights.

Send your photo to: info@rights-studio.org

If These Walls Could Talk

With The Lawrence House

Two films on the process of mural paintings inspired by the stories of children and young people in The Lawrence House, South Africa.

Watch the film (part 1) HERE.

Watch the film (part 2) HERE.

Past Events

The Red Cloud Project

In collaboration with Ricebox Studio

Launching the digital educational campaign on breaking period stigma.

Watch the recording HERE.

In My Feelings About Climate Change: In Conversation

In collaboration with SustyVibes.

How do we normalise spaces for conversations about climate emotions?

Watch the recording HERE.

In My Feelings About Climate Change: A Workshop on Climate Grief

In collaboration with SustyVibes. Facilitated by Ama Josephine Budge

How do we talk about climate grief as we reckon with ecological breakdown and transformation?

Resources Coming Soon

Living Objects: A Digital Forest Exhibition

In collaboration with Identity 2.0

Wander into the interactive digital forest.

Watch the recording of the launch event HERE.

Drops of Joy: Film Screening & Q&A

In collaboration with Alana

Featuring a post-film Q&A with Cacau Rhoden hosted by Irene Caselli

Watch the recording HERE.

Photo: Nish Kumar, Josie Long, Deborah Frances-White and Jonny & the Baptists

Seen & Not Heard: Comedy Gig

Hosted by Jonny & the Baptists
Featuring Nish KumarJosie LongDeborah Frances-White & Charlie George!

A special evening celebrating youth, challenging power and punching up, with some of the UK’s finest comedy acts.

Watch the recording HERE.

Tabula Rasa: Poetry Night

In collaboration with Sawti
Featuring Ngollo Mlengeya, K. Eltinaé, Suhayl Omar and Manal Younus.
Hosted by Neema Komba.

Join us as we dare to reimagine dominant narratives with this special evening of spoken word.

Watch the recording HERE.

Collective Vibrations

In collaboration with Ableton
Featuring Mel Uye-Parker

Our live music finale with Mel Uye-Parker, who turned the crowdsourced everyday sounds you have shared with us throughout the festival into audio magic, revealing the power of collective sharing, learning and listening.

Watch the recording HERE.
Listen to the final music piece HERE.