Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of The Rights Studio gGmbH

§ 1 Scope

1.1 The following conditions of participation apply to all
legal transactions of The Rights Studio gGmbH (“we” /
“us”) with any user of our website (“you”) who
participates in our events.

1.2 The following terms shall apply within the scope of
these GTC:
„Eligibility”. is the right to participate in our event
„Buyer” is the person who, not for himself but for the
participant procures the right to participate.


§ 2 Conclusion of the contract

2.1 Our offers are generally non-binding and subject to change.

2.2 By transmitting your declaration of participation by post, fax, e-mail, via our booking system on our website or by verbal agreement, you submit a binding offer for the conclusion of the contract.

2.3 A contract with us is concluded when we accept your offer.

2.4 The purchaser of the right to participate who is not himself a participant (i.e. who does not acquire or order the right to participate exclusively for himself) shall be responsible for ensuring that the participant who receives the right to participate from him is aware of these General Terms and Conditions and accepts them. Only the person named on the eligibility form can be a participant. The transferability of the right to participate from the participant as a contractual partner to another person is governed by § 5.


§ 3 Subject of the contract

3.1 We can change individual components of an event if this is necessary and thus not essential parts of the event are changed. There is then no claim to a reduction or reimbursement of the admission price if the change is not substantial and is reasonable under the circumstances of the individual case.

3.2 Insofar as events etc. are the subject matter of the contract, we owe a proper selection of speakers, but we are not responsible for their content, for the way they are presented and for their claims.

3.3 We can replace individual speakers or performers with other comparable performers, as long as this is reasonable for the participant and the purpose of the event and its contents are not significantly changed.

3.4 We are entitled to send you information about the event using the means of communication you have specified.

3.5 Domestic authority is incumbent on us.


§ 4 Participation fees

4.1 If a participation fee is charged for the respective event, it results from our price information or offers on the respective event website.

4.2 All invoices shall be made in euro. If payment is made in foreign currencies or means of payment, exchange rate differences and bank charges shall be borne by you.

4.3 All payments, insofar as participation fees or other costs are charged, are due and payable within a period of 10 working days from the date of booking, immediately after the invoice is issued, without any deductions, unless a different term of payment has been expressly agreed.

4.4 The prices are exclusive of the legally owed value added tax.

4.5 If you do not make use of individual services through no fault of our own, the agreed participation fees and any additional agreed fees and costs (e.g. flat-rate conference fees) shall nevertheless become due, unless otherwise agreed.


§ 5 Eligibility, redemption/exchange

5.1  Eligibility to participate will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you or the purchaser, provided that e-mail delivery is offered and selected as the delivery method.

5.2 The tickets are personalised. Only the person whose name is shown on the ticket is entitled to participate.

5.3 It is not possible to withdraw or exchange participation rights.


§ 6 General conditions of participation in the event

6.1 You yourself are responsible to join on time.

6.2 You are forbidden,

6.2.1  to disrupt the course of the event,

6.2.2  to commit or assist in committing or inciting criminal offences, acts contrary to the regulations or generally to be condemned,

6.2.3  to advertise of any kind or to distribute leaflets or other materials, unless this has been expressly permitted by the organiser in writing in advance,

6.2.4  to use the visit of the event for political, religious or offensive expression of opinion or to incite it,

6.2.5  to photograph, film or otherwise record the event in whole or in part or persons, unless this has been expressly permitted in writing by the organiser beforehand

6.3 In case of a violation, we can expel you from the event. In this case you are not entitled to a refund of the attendance fees and other costs (e.g. conference flat rate). Our right to claim damages remains unaffected.

§ 7 Copyright

7.1  The files handed over to you (presentations, handouts, etc.) are subject to the copyright law even if in individual cases they have not reached the required level of creativity. You may only use the documents and files for private use and within the framework of the permissions of the copyright law.

7.2  Photo, video and sound recordings during the event by you are permitted to a reasonable extent.


§ 8 Termination of the contract by us

8.1 We may terminate the contract or deny you access to the event if the agreed participation fee or other due third-party and third-party costs are not paid or not paid in full at the latest before the start of the event. Conversely, however, we retain the right to payment of the participation fees and costs.


§ 9 Force majeure / Acts of God

9.1  In the event of force majeure which leads to a cancellation or interruption of the contract or the event or individual contractual services, we can demand that you reimburse or reimburse the costs incurred and services provided up to that point on a pro rata basis, but no more than 5% of the participant fees. This also applies if one of our service providers or service providers (e.g. the event location) is unable to provide its services to us due to force majeure. Claims for damages against us do not exist.

9.2 Official, police or court orders to discontinue or abort operations correspond to the force majeure in paragraph 9.1, unless we have culpably caused this order.

9.3  It is deemed to be agreed that force majeure within the meaning of paragraph 1 shall also include a recommendation by a state (federal, state, ministries, authorities) not to hold the event (e.g. due to a pandemic spread of a virus or a terrorism warning).

9.4  It shall be deemed to be agreed that force majeure shall also be deemed to exist if the implementation of the event is economically unreasonable for us due to increased requirements of the authorities, insofar as we are not responsible for these. In this case, we can invoke force majeure in accordance with paragraph 9.1, but we have no proportional claim against the participant.

9.5  We can also cancel the event for reasons of reverence or offer you an alternative date.

§ 10 Cancellation by you

10.1  If you wish to cancel the contract for a reason for which we are not responsible and which is not due to force majeure (“cancellation”), this is generally possible after consultation with us; we may not refuse to cancel the contract contrary to good faith. In the event of a cancellation of the contract by mutual consent, we may, in view of the fact that experience has shown that in the event of cancellation at short notice we are no longer able to allocate the free places elsewhere and that we may not be able to cancel even our representatives or speakers free of charge, claim costs and fees etc. in accordance with the following provisions, unless we agree otherwise with you.

10.2   We can either claim the specifically agreed costs minus saved expenses or settle our costs and our lost profit with a lump sum. In this case the following flat rates shall apply:

10.2.1   11 days or more prior to the start of the event: 100% of the participation fee

10.2.2   up to 10 days before the start of the event: 50 % of the participation fee

10.2.3   After that or in case of no-show: 100 % of the participation fee

10.2.4   If you rebook to a different date and we agree to this rebooking, the conclusion of the contract that led to the first date that was rebooked remains decisive for the calculation of the aforementioned deadlines; i.e. that the cancellation deadlines are not extended by a rebooking or start anew.

10.2.5   If you can prove that we only incurred a lower loss than the cancellation fee or no loss at all, you only have to pay the lower amount or, if no loss was incurred, no cancellation fee.

10.3  In the event of cancellation, you can provide a replacement participant in order to avoid cancellation costs, provided that he or she fulfils the admission criteria and is confirmed by us and the event has not yet begun.


§ 11 Privacy Policy

11.1   By using this Site and/or submitting your information to us, you consent to us keeping and using such information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy.

11.2   Our aim is to ensure that your details are current, accurate and complete. You have a right to see the information we hold about you at any time and we will correct it if it is inaccurate, provided we are notified accordingly.

11.3   If you have any queries about our Privacy Policy, please email us at info@rights-studio.org.

11.4   You may choose to request, correct, update or delete the information you have provided to us. If you wish to exercise these rights, please contact us at info@rights-studio.org.

11.5   If you wish to unsubscribe from an electronic mailing list, you may do so by clicking “unsubscribe” in any edition that you have received.

11.6  We reserve the right to amend this privacy statement. Should this happen, we will post a notice of the change on the Website.

11.7   We refer to our data protection information, which you can view in connection with the registration and also request from us at any time.


§ 12 Our liability

12.1   Breaches of duty that lead to property damage or financial losses:

12.1.1  In the case of only slightly negligent breaches of duty, our liability shall be limited to the average damage foreseeable and typical for the type of contract.

12.1.2  We shall not be liable in the event of only slightly negligent breach of insignificant contractual obligations. “Insignificant” are such obligations whose fulfilment does not characterise the contract and on which you may not rely.

12.1.3  Indirect damages and consequential damages resulting from defects of the subject matter of the contract are only eligible for compensation if such damages are typically to be expected when the subject matter of the contract is used as intended.

12.1.4  The limitations of liability of this paragraph 1 do not apply to grossly negligent or intentional breach of duty.

12.2  Breaches of duty that lead to injury to life, body or health: We are liable for any kind of negligence and intent in the event of injury to life, body or health attributable to us.

12.3  Mandatory legal liability: The limitations of liability in paragraph 1 do not affect your claims from product liability and from legally binding liability facts.

12.4  The limitations of liability in paragraph 1 shall apply to the same extent in favour of our organs, our employees and other vicarious agents and our subcontractors.


§ 13 Place of jurisdiction, Choice of law

13.1  Place of jurisdiction: Our registered office is agreed as place of jurisdiction if you are a merchant or have no general place of jurisdiction in the Federal Republic of Germany. In this case, however, we are also entitled to sue at your place of business.

13.2 This Agreement is governed by German law.