Be More Pirate

We are proud pirates and members of the Be More Pirate network which is a group of autonomous rebels who are out to cause good trouble by standing up to the status quo. From healthcare to education to big business, we overcome personal limitations, upend the status quo in our areas of work, and find co-conspirators with the aim to be a little more rebellious and a lot more pirate.

The book fell into our lap when we needed a new vision and strategy but the usual approach inspired nobody. As the book suggests, don’t write a strategy, write a pirate code. And that’s exactly what we did.

Since then we have joined the crew and continue to collaborate in various ways. It has been especially inspiring to meet people from all walks of life and backgrounds who share our values. We were excited to be included in the second book entitled How to Be More Pirate.

Find out how you can join the movement here.

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